Physics - One Mark Question Collection - HSC - Set 1

Take our one mark question challenge in Physics. 10 questions to answer, time no limit. Answer these and post your answers in the comments section for a response. These questions are carefully constructed and very important from an examination perspective. What are you waiting for, get going...

Question Set - 1

1) The value of permittivity in free space is:

a) $ 8.854 \times 10^{12} \;C^2N^{-1}m^{-2} $

b) $ 8.854 \times 10^{12} \;C^2N^{-2}m^{-2} $

c) $ 8.845 \times 10^{-12} \;C^2N^{-1}m^{-2} $

d) $ 8.854 \times 10^{-2} \;C^{-2}N^{-1}m^{2} $

2) Which of the following is a scalar?

a) electric force

b) electric field

c) electric potential

d) dipole moment

3) Potential energy of two equal negative point charges of magnitude $ 2\mu _{c} $ placed 1m apart in air is:

a) 0.036 J

b) 4 J

c) 0.36 J

d) 2 J

4) The principle used in lightning arrestors is:

a) mutual induction

b) self induction

c) electro magnetic induction

d) corono discharge

5) The colour code on a carbon resistor is Red-Red-Black. The resistance of the wire is:

a) 2.2 ohm

b) 22 ohm

c) 220 ohm

d) 2.2 kilo ohm

6) Nichrome is used as a heating element because it has

a) very low resistance

b) high specific resistance

c) low melting point

d) high conductivity

7) Bohr magneton is given by an expression

a) $ \frac{eh}{\pi m} $

b) $ \frac{eh}{2\pi m} $

c) $ \frac{eh}{3\pi m} $

d) $ \frac{eh}{4\pi m} $

8) The self-inductance of a straight conductor is:

a) infinity

b) zero

c) very large

d) very small

9) An emf of 12V is inducted when the current in the coil changes from 2A to 6A in 0.5 sec. The coefficient of self-induction of the coil is:

a) 6 H

b) 0.3 H

c) 1.5 H

d) 30 H

10) At $ X_{L} = X_{C} $ condition the impedance in the circuit is:

a) minimum

b) maximum

c) zero

d) none of the above

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