Interesting Famous Puzzles

This is one of my all time childhood famous puzzle..Give it a go ..Many variations of this puzzle exists.

During one of the infamous battle between the Asuras (Demons) and Devas( Gods), the battle reached a violent stage where the Gods pleaded to Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva came to the rescue and the Devas won the battle. The Devas arrested some Asuras and were also given one thousand pot full of Amritha (Divine mixture considered to give immortal live). Some of the Asuras who were left unarrested, casted a plan to poison one of the 1000 pot that was given to the Devas and succeeded in doing so.

Narada, the saviour, somehow spotted this plot of Asuras and reported the plan to the head of Devas, Indhra the great. Indhra must find the odd pot out, and help the Devas to consume the remaining 999. He makes a plan to bring 10 of the arrested Asuras, try the Amritha on them before giving it to Devas. Time is running out and he has only 24 hours to execute his options. Anybody consuming a sip from the poisoned pot, would die in 20 hours. Indhra is not keen to test out the pots on Devas. He does not want to use more than 10 demons to find the poisoned pot.

How can Indhra find the poisoned pot? Can you help him?

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  1. Is Narada one of the Devas?
    24 hours is not enough to find the poisoned pot..
    hmm this is a bit difficult!