PeopleSoft Trace Options

The various trace settings available for a PeopleSoft application is provided below: (explanation for each of these settings to follow)


SQL Trace Settings:

SQL statements

SQL statement variables

SQL connect, disconnect, commit, rollback

SQL fetch

All other SQL API calls except SSBs

Set select buffer calls (SSBs)

Database-specific API calls

PeopleCode trace settings:

Evaluator instructions

List program

Variable assignments

Fetched values

Evaluator stack

Program starts

External function calls

Internal function calls

Function parameter values

Function return values

Each statement


Component Processor trace settings:

Page Structures at Init

Component Buffers at Init

Component Buffers before/after service

Component Buffers after scrollselect

Component Buffers after modal page

Component Buffers before Save

Component Buffers after row insert

Default Processing

PRM Contents

Internal counters (debug build only)

Memory stats at Init

Keylist Generation

Work Record Flagging

Related Displays


Page Generation trace settings:

Log page generation errors

Show table layout

Source annotation for overlap

Detailed table gen trace

Inline stylesheet

Inline javascript

Extra markup needed for QA

Format source

Save source in files

Include javascript debugging

Log form data

Log unknown parameters


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