GATE Question Papers - Collection

GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is one such examination which every engineering graduate would dream about of cracking with a good score to get admission for their post graduate programmes with scholarships. A Qualification in this examination is also a minimum requirement to apply for various fellowships awarded by many Government examinations..

There are many websites around the internet that Offer previous year GATE question papers for download / practice, but unfortunately it makes the user to manoeuvre through multiple links before finally ending up with the required page to access the content. Also, at times the users get redirected to wrong links. To make this simple, I have collected all previous GATE question papers and provided a simplified access that is not very intrusive. This list will be expanded as we keep adding more question papers to this collection. To start with, past years question papers from Electronics and Communication Engineering section have been added. As we move on, depending on the support, we will bring in more content.

You can view all the question papers by following the links from this page. If you have a question paper for sharing, please contribute it in the comments section and this list can be expanded. Mention the year and subject area.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Computer Science and Engineering (CS) Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
1991 1991 1991
1992 19921992
1993 19931993
1994 19941994
1995 19951995
20012001 2001
20022002 2002
20032003 2003
20042004 2004
20052005 2005
20062006 2006

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