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There are a lot of related post widgets available for Blogger and this post describes the best of them. Before we proceed any further, the best related post widget can be accessed from the following reference URL:

This widget has the best performance (fastest load time in terms of speed of loading) when compared with other standard related post widgets because of the following reasons:

1) This uses the Google Data Feed API which is obviously the best one in terms of performance

2) Tried lot of widgets spread across the web; But when it comes to performance, this widget stands out. Even if your blog has more than 1000 posts, this widget will parse and shows the results in a flash. You don't end up loosing points in google search for speed because of this :)

3) Very minimal downtime..The page / browser hardly times out / crashes..I remember couple of yester day widgets crashed my browser everytime it is loaded.

4) Ease of customization..As and when google adds new features to the plugins, this related post widget can be extended to harness the benefits of the new changes..

5) Positioning: It is quite easy to position this anywhere in blogger as soon as the related posts are loaded..4 * 1 or any pattern that you desire..

6) Tricky to include here..but this is one of the working solution for related post widget that is available.

Go ahead and try this widget out..Am sure you will not be disappointed..I 'm running a working solution of this related post widget in my site..if this loads in your browser with optimum speed, then your site will also perform on the same lines..

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