+2 Chemistry–MODEL Question Paper - 1

i)  Answer all the questions from Part I
ii) Answer any fifteen questions from Part II
iii) Answer any seven questions from Part III by Choosing at least two questions from each section
iv) Answer question number 70 Compulsory and answer any three questions from the remaining questions in Part IV

Part I ---- 30 x 1 = 30
Questions 1-10, 11-20,20-30: Part II: Part III: Part IV
1) If the energy of an electron in the fourth orbit of H-atom is –E, the energy of the electron in the Bohr’s first orbit is

(a)-2 E (b) –4 E (c) –9 E (d) –16 E
2) The hybridisation of CO32- ion is
(a) SP (b) SP2 (c) SP3 (d) SP3d2
3) The dc-c and dcl-cl values are 1.54.A and 1.98.A. What is the value of dc-cl
(a) 3.52.C (b) 1.76.C (c) 2.31.C (d) 2.75.C
4) The compound which is used to arrest bleeding is

(a)Phosphoric acid (b) XeF4 (c) PCl5 (d) Potash Alum
5) Sc3+ ion is colourless, because of

(a)half filled d-orbitals (b) completely filled d-orbitals (c) vacant d-orbital (d) both a & b
6) The oxidation state of Nickel in Ni(CO)4 is
(a) +4 (b) -4  (c) 0 (d) +2
7) The major constituents of mish-metal are

(a)Zn – 45-50%, La – 25%, Nd-5% (b) Ce-45-50%, La – 25%, Nd-5% (c) Ce-40-50%,La-25%,Fe-20% (d) Ce-50% and La-25%
8) The most common oxidation state of lanthanides is

(a)+2 (b) +3 (c) +1 (d) +6
9) The primary valency of Iron in K3[Fe(CN)6] is
(a)+2 (b) +3 (c) +1 (d) +6
10) 6C13+0n1->7N14+x. In this reaction, “X” is
(a)proton (b) positron (c) beta particle (d) neutron

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