qTip - Preparing PeopleSoft to Support qTip

In this section, let us discuss the preliminary setup that needs to be done in PeopleSoft to support qtip. For the examples, that I will be describing here, I have used the version 1.0.0-rc3 of the qTip. So get to the qTip download page and download jQuery and "Production" version of the tooltip plugin.

When you extract the contents, you will be able to find the following files :

1) jquery-1.3.2.min.js
2) jquery.qtip-1.0.0-rc3.min.js

We will be in need of these files to support the flashy tooltips displayed in PeopleSoft. To enable them, you have to copy these scripts to the "script" directory of the webserver domain in PeopleSoft.

The script directory is normally located in this path:


You will have to move both these files into the script directory; otherwise the code will not be able to find these files and you will get a nice runtime error on your page.

Once you have done this, you are ready to put some code in to see qTip in action. To use qTip in PeopleSoft, let us build a test page. A screenshot of our test page is presented below

We have a text field, a small image icon next to that ("?"), and a grid field. The objective for us is now to display dynamic tooltips across all of them.

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