Tamil Nadu +2 Physics - Electrostatics - Set1

Here are some one mark questions prepared by me for the Electrostatics Chapter in +2 Physics. I would like the readers to answer them without options so that it will be easy when answering it in the real exam.

1) The branch of Physics that deals with static electric charges is ------------------.

2) What is the country to which the philosopher Thales belong to?

3) Glass and --------- exhibit the property of attracting objects, when rubbed with suitable materials.

4) The Greek word Elecktron means -----------.

5) The electricity produced by friction is called ----------.

6) Frictional electricity is also known as Static electricity when -----------.

7) When a glass rod is rubbed with a silk cloth, the latter acquires ------- charge.

8) The classification of positive and negative charges were termed by ------------.

9) Charging a rod by rubbing creates electricity. [ True / False ]

10) Like charges --------- each other.

11) ------- charges attract each other.

12) Bringing a charged Ebonite rod near a charged glass rod would result in ----------.

13) Xerox uses the property of attraction and repulsion between ---------.

14) Materials are divided as conductors and insulators based on their ------------ behavior.

15) Mica and Ebonite are good ---------, whereas Earth is a good -------------.

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