Tamil Nadu +2 Physics - Electrostatics - Set 2

Next set of questions for Electrostatics. You may wish to check the related posts at the bottom for first set.

16) Insulators are also known as -------------------

17) Human body is a good example for --------------

18) The fundamental unit of electric charge is ------------

19)The magnitude of e is ---------

20) When 'n' equals 3, the value of q is ----------

21) The total charge in an isolated system is ------------

22) According to the law of conservation of electric charges ------------

23)U-238 decays to produce ---------

24) When A with a charge 50e decays to produce B and C, with C holding a charge of 15e, the charge on B is ---------

25) Total charge before decay ------- total charge after decay.

26) In a system containing two charged bodies A and B with charge of +5q and -8q, the total net effective charge when these bodies are brought together is--------------

27) What should be the charge on a body B to induce a net effective charge of -3q, if the charge on body A is 10q and system contains only two bodies?

28)The total electric charge of a system is equal to ----- of electric charges located in the system.

29)The three basic properties of electric charge are additive nature, ----- and ---------.

30) Refer to the diagram below. What should be the value of ?

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