Random One Mark Questions - +2 Physics - Set 1

Random One Mark Questions - +2 Physics - Set 1

Here are some important one mark questions, randomly generated from a question pool of one mark questions for Physics. Answers to these questions would be published at a later point in time. These questions are generated from a pool of previous years question papers and the choices are flipped so that the readers will have a good practice on them before the examination. Even though, these are taken from the Tamil Nadu board they would also apply across to any board as long as the course content are identical.

1) For the first order X-ray diffraction, the wavelength of the X-ray is equal to the lattice spacing at a glancing angle of

a) 15 degrees
b) 60 degrees
c) 45 degress
d) 30 degress

2) The Output voltage of the operational amplifier ( Op-Amp) given below is

a) -1 V
b) +1 V
c) +5 V
d) -5 V

3) A ray of light is incident on a glass plate at its polarising angle.The angle between the Incident ray and the reflected ray is (in degrees)

a) 57.5
b) 32.5
c) 90
d) 115

4) Which of the following quantities is a scalar ?

a) Electric force
b) Electric Field
c) Dipole Movement
d) Electric Potential

5) Torque on a dipole in a uniform electric field is maximum when angle between P and E is

a) 0
b) 90
c) 45
d) 180

6) The unit of henry can also be written as

a) VA/s
b) WA/b
c) ohm second
d) all of these

7) The chromium ions doped by the ruby rod

a) absorbs red light
b) absorbs blue light
c) absorbs green light
d) emits green light

8) The wavelength of D 1 and D 2 lines emitted by sodium vapour lamp is

a) 589·6 nm 589 nm
b) 589 nm. 589·6 nm
c) 589·3 nm. 589 nm
d) 589 nm. 589·3 nm

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