March 2008 - +2 Chemistry - One Mark Questions - Part 3

15) Paramagnetism is the property of

a) paired electrons
b) completely filled electronic sub-shells
c) unpaired electrons
d) completely vacant electronic sub-shells

16) The - NO2 group in nitro-alkane is converted into - NH2 group by the reagent

a) Zn/NH4Cl
b) Zn dust
c) Sn / HCl
d) Zn / NaOH

17) The organic compound that undergoes carbylamine reaction is

a) (C2H5)2 NH
b) (C2H5)2 NH2
c) (C2H5)3 N
d) (C2H5)4 N+I-

18) Use of chloropicrin is as

a) Explosive
b) Dye
c) Anaesthetic
d) Sterilizing agent.

19) The amino acid without chiral carbon is

a) Glycine
b) Alanine
c) Prollne
d) Tyrosine

20) Sorbitol and Mannitol are

a) isomers
b) Polymers
c) epimers
d) dimer

21) Half-life period of a first order reaction is 20 min. The time taken for the completion of 99·9% of the reaction is

a) 20 min
b) 2000 min
c) 250 sec
d) 200 min

22) The Tyndall effect is associated with colloidal particle due to

a) scattering of light
b) presence of charge
c) diffusion of light
d) reflection of light

23) Colloids are purified by

a) precipitation
b) coagulation
c) dialysis
d) filtration

24) Which one of the following factors is false regarding catalyst?

a) Small quantity is enough
b) Initiate the reaction
c) Remains unchanged in mass and chemical composition
d) Specific in its action

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