Interesting Puzzles and Riddles - Collection 2

Continuing our riddles collection, here are some more interesting stuff.

1) If you take three oranges from four oranges, what do you have?

2) A man takes his injured son in a critical condition to the hospital. Upon seeing the patient, the doctor shouts back.."I cannot operate, He is my son..How is this possible"?

3) A man shoots his wife, then he holds her under water for over 15 minutes, and finally he hangs her. But 30 minutes later, they both enjoy a good breakfast together. How is this possible?

4) What goes around the world but stays in the corner?

5) A man who bought it does not need it. A man who needs it does now know it. What is it?

6)  What can you catch but cannot throw?

7) What gets wetter, the more it dries?

8) How can you make a line shorter without touching it?

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