Great Brain Teaser Puzzle

Here are some famous brain teaser puzzles of all times. They make you think and time flies trying to solve and find an answer to them.Try your hand on these puzzles and if you can find a good solution to these questions, post them with suitable explanations. This would also benefit the entire reader community. These brain teasers are worth solving and give them a go!.Try this teaser and see how it goes

The puzzle goes like this:-

"I have three daughters", said Mali to her friend Mavi. "In order to help you to figure out there ages, you have to solve this little math problem and here are the rules that would help you in arriving at their ages", continued Mali.

a) The product of their ages is 36.

b) Sum of their ages is equal to the number of shops you see right across the street.

At this point, Mavi started making some calculations and after a minute, told back to Mali, that she cannot infer the ages as the information she has on hand is still insufficient..

hmm..Said Mali, I will give you one more clue. My oldest daughter is 5 feet tall.and the next clue would be..

Stop, said Mavi, I have found the answer to your question..Here you go, the ages of your daughters is ......

Nice puzzle, isn't it? Find out the logic behind this and crack it..

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