+2 Physics - Random One Mark Collection - Set 2

We are going to present nine set of one mark questions, randomly generated from past question papers across multiple sources. These one mark questions are very important from an examination perspective and should be practiced well by the candidates. The objective type questions are listed under:-

1) A ray of light is incident on a glass plate at Its polarising angle.The angle between the Incident ray and the reflected ray is (in degrees)

a) 57.5
b) 90
c) 32.5
d) 115

2) For the first order X-ray diffraction, the wavelength of the X-ray is equal to the lattice spacing at a glancing angie of

a) 60 degrees
b) 15 degrees
c) 30 degrees
d) 45 degrees

3) The average power consumed over one cycle in an a.C. circuit is

a) E_{rms} I_{rms}
b) E_{rms} I_{rms} cos  \phi
c) E_{rms} I_{rms} sin \phi
d) E_{0} I_{0} cos \phi

4) Electromagnetic induction Is not used in

a) transformer
b) A.C. generator
c) room heater
d) choke coil

5) An ideal voltmeter has

a) finite resistance between zero and G
b) zero resistance
c) infinite resistance
d) resistance greater than G but less than infinity

6) Potential energy of two equal negative point charges of magnitude 2micro Coulomb placed 1m apart in air is

a) 2 J
b) 4 J
c) 0.36 J
d) 0.036 J

7) In an X-ray tube, the intensity of the emitted X-ray beam is increased by

a) decreasing the filament current
b) increasing the filament current
c) decreasing the target potential
d) increasing the target potential

8) The half-life period of certain radioactive element with disintegration constant 0 ·0693 per day is

a) 10 days
b) 140 days
c) 1.4 days
d) 14 days

9) When a drop of water Is introduced between the glass plate and piano-convex lens In Newton's rings system, the rings system

a) expands
b) contracts
c) remains same
d) first expands, then contracts

10) The first man-made satellite is

a) Sputnik
b) Venera
c) Rohini
d) Aryabhatta

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