+2 Physics - Communication Systems - Part 1

Here are some important one mark questions from communication systems chapter of the Physics syllabus. For the sake of thorough practice, the options to these questions are not provided for some of the questions. Since this chapter will be comprehensively covered, it would be good to know the answers to all these questions by practicing against the textbook.

1) In the year 1840, communications started with ------------.

a) Telephony
c) Telegraphy
d) Semiconductors

2) Sky wave propagation is also known as -----------

a) Ground Wave Propagation
b) Space Wave Propagation
c) Ionospheric Propagation
d) Air Wave Propagation

3) Ground wave propagation occurs when the transmitting and receiving antennas are -------- to the ground.

a) close
b) far

4) Radio waves propagated through the ------ of the Earth are known as space waves.

a) Stratosphere
b) Ionosphere
c) Troposphere
d) Exosphere

5) Space wave propagation is particularly suitable for the waves with frequency

a) >30 MHz
b) >=30 MHz
c) 60 MHz
d) >=60 MHz

6) Look at the diagram below.

The items 1, 2 and 3 are respectively

a) Reflected wave, Ground, Direct Wave
b) Direct Wave, Reflected Wave, Ground
c) Ground, Direct Wave, Reflected Wave
d) Reflected Wave, Reflected Wave, Ground

7) In the skywave propagation, for a fixed frequency, the shortest distance between the point of transmission and the point of reception along the surface is known as

a) long distance
b) skip distance
c) cover area
d) fixed zone

8) The energy of a wave ---------- with frequency.

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