+2 Chemistry - Objective type Questions - Second Set - Part 1

Here is the next set of 30 questions covering the entire Chemistry Syllabus. These questions are randomly selected and at the same time adhere to the syllabus prescribed. Refer to some more set of questions in this blog for more examples.

1.Which one of the following is paramagnetic?

(a) O2
(b) CN-
(c) CO
(d) NO+

2.Among the following which has higher electron affinity value?

(a)  Flourine
(b)  Chlorine
(c)  Bromine
(d)  Iodine

3.Which shows only -1 oxidation state?

(a)  Flourine
(b)  Bromine
(c)  Chlorine
(d)  Iodine

4.For a transistional metal ion, the effective magnetic moment in BM is given by the formula -----------

5.The Number of unpaired electrons in Cr3+ ion is

(a)  3
(b)  5
(c)  4
(d)  1

6.The lanthanide contraction is due to

(a) Perfect shielding of 4f electron
(b) Imperfect shielding of 4f electron
(c) Perfect shielding of 3d electron
(d) Imperfect  shielding of 3d electron

7. For which three lanthanides, the +3 ions have the 4f subshell empty, half filled and completely filled respectively?

(a) La,Lu,Gd 
(b) Gd,La,Lu
(c) La,Gd,Lu
(d) Lu,La,Gd

Save your answers. Check here for the next part.

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