+2 chemistry - Important one mark questions - Fourth Set - Part 1

       Tamil Nadu +2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions
1. Noble gases have ------- electron affinity
(a)    high                 (b)    low                (c)    zero                (d)    very low

2. Copper is extracted from -------
(a)    Cuprite        (b)    copper glance      (c) malachite       (d)copper pyrites

3. Silver salt used in photography is
(a)    Agcl                 (b)AgNo3                       (c) AgF                    (d)    AgBr

4. The most common oxidation state of Lanthanides is
(a)    +2                       (b) +1                          (c)    +3                   (d)    +4

5. --------- is used in gas lamp material
(a) MnO2                (b) CeO2                        (c) N2O5                    (d) Fe2O3         

6. The geometry of [Ni(CN)4]2- is
(a) Tetrahedral          (b)  square planar         (c)triangular          (d) Octahedral   
7. Which of the following is used as neutron absorber in nuclear reactors?
(a) Water          (b) Deuterium                (c) Uranium                 (d) Cadmium

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