+2 - Chemistry - Important one mark questions -Third Set - Part 2

Part 2 of the third set. Questions from 8-14 are presented below.

8. ----------- is used in tracer bullets

(a) Ceria                (b) Thoria              (c) pyrophoric alloy                   (d) Mish metals
9. --------- metal ion is present in Haemoglobin
(a) Fe                    (b) Mg                    (c) Ca                              (d) Co
10. In the case of 7N13   6C13 + x .The x is
(a) Anti neutron               (b) Electron           (c) Positron           (d) Neutron
11. Semi conductors are not used in
(a) Rectifiers                (b) Solar cells      (c) Transistors          (d) Super conducting magnets
12. The entropy of perfectly crystalline solid zero is at
(a) 0 K                        (b) 373 K             (c) 100°C               (d) 100 K
13. When a liquid boils there is an increase in
(a) Heat of vapourisation   (b) Free energy   (c) Kinetic energy   (d) Potential energy
14. At chemical equilibrium ∆G is
(a) Positive            (b) Negative           (c) Zero                 (d) None of these

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