PeopleSoft - Maximum number of Record Error

If you are here because you got the following error:

--------------------------- Windows Internet Explorer --------------------------- Maximum number of records found matching specified key(s) -- others not included in list. (4,2) When performing a Lookup, the database returned more rows than can be accommodated in the list box. Use a Partial Key value or Advanced Search to limit the number of rows returned or specify more characters to further qualify the key value. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
then read further....Here is a screen shot of the error dump.

This error comes when the drop down field in PeopleSoft page has reached a limit of 300. 300 is the maximum value which a drop down field can handle.

When the drop down is getting loaded, PeopleSoft finds that the number of values fetched is greater than 300 and throws this message on the screen.

In order to get rid of this problem, identify the problematic drop down field that has more than 300 values and replace it with a prompt. (or with edit boxes). This would solve the problem. If you have any other solution, please do post it in the comments section.

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