C Interview Questions - Part III

You are currently in the Part III set for Interview Questions in C Programming language. If you want to check Part I click here and for Part II, click here.

These questions will really help in preparing for your interview and you can excel if you have a good knowledge on these ones.

1) How will you print the character % using C?

2) Write a program in C to print the first five numbers of a Fibonacci series.

3) How will you convert an unsigned long integer value to a string using C?

4) A header file in C should always have an extension '.h'. True or False? Justify.

5) List some sorting algorithms in C. Which is the quickest approach and why?

6) What is the benefit of using const to declare constants in C?

7) Who is the founder of C language..(this was asked to one of my friends)

8) How can you print a string in C without using printf?

9) Which library in C is used for drawing menus?

10) How can you open a PDF file using C?

11) Write a program in C to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable.

12) How testing of a C program becomes easier using functions?

13) What is the difference between exit() and return?

14) How can you make a function to return more than one value in C?

15) Which is better to use malloc() or calloc() ?

16) Write the best algorithm to check if a number is prime or not.

17) How can you override a defined macro?

18) For what purpose, would you use #line in C?

19) What is the difference between text mode and binary mode?

20) Write a C program to swap two numbers using pointers.

In the next part of this series, let us discuss on program -> output model questions. Such questions will be asked mostly during aptitude test and is unlikely to be asked during interviews.


  1. It will b useful if the answers also are given...

  2. Sure..answers due to come in subsequent blogs...need to manage my time..keep watching.thanks..