PeopleSoft Integration Broker

Of all the concepts in PeopleSoft, the Integration Broker is one of the difficult one to understand and work along. With the PeopleTools release of 8.49, Integration broker is converted into a SOA based framework within PeopleSoft.

Here is a red book on PeopleSoft Integration broker. It is really worth giving a reading on this book and can help in grabbing the concepts of the Integration Broker.

I found this red paper when browsing through a forum post and thought it would be nice if it is shared across. The red paper covers the concept of the Integration Broker under the following major chapters

1) Introduction
2) System Overview
3) Integration examples using the connectors

Chapter 2 discusses about the architecture of the Integration Broker. It also discusses about the inbound and outbound messages through the Integration Broker. Message formats for request and response messages are also clearly described which would help any third party system to integrate with PeopleSoft quite easily.

A must to read book, if you want a clear understanding of PeopleSoft Integration.

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