PeopleSoft ToolTipText - Using qTip - jQuery plugin

I'm running 8.46 version of PeopleSoft, that is not so flashy when it comes to ToolTips. PeopleSoft does provide options to specify tooltips in pages, but they are as per the age old standards. Further, changing them on the fly is difficult. This is what PeopleSoft has to offer when it comes to Tooltips ( as taken from PeopleBooks)

The “tool tip,” or mouse over text, that appears with a hyperlink at runtime comes from the RFT long label assigned to the record field. However, the RFT long label displays only if it is different from the assigned display value of the hyperlink and it is not null. If the link is an image button, the tool tip is derived from the label text if there is any. Otherwise, the RFT long label is used.

Further, the standard Tooltip that comes with PeopleSoft is provided below;

I was looking for some ways to devise a nice tooltip setup which would enable PeopleSoft to display tooltips in an attractive way. I stumbled on the jQuery plugin qTip and decided to implement it in PeopleSoft to get the results as shown in the figure below

In this article, we will examine how to create nice looking tooltips for PeopleSoft using this plugin. I have divided this article into three parts:

1) Preparing PeopleSoft to support qtips.

2) Triggering qtip in a test page, at Level0 and Level1, and over an image.

3) Achieving more dynamism with Tooltips.

You may wish to jump to the relevant sections directly if you feel so.

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