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I have been hearing this from my friends for quite some time till today. Here it goes:-
" I have been studying this for the past few weeks till now and the problem persists. My problem is,the Google Adsense Ads displayed on my blog post are not relevant to the content I have provided. I'm getting a poor CTR due to this and the ads don't really appeal to my audience.I did try using the Google Preview tool, and found that the targeting is poor across geographies. The ads are not relevant across all the geographies. I tried a lot of items given across multiple websites,

I Tried Section Targeting to the title of my blog post. Sometime has passed after that, but no clue..Unfortunately, in the blogger body I'm not able to selectively incorporate section targeting to specify any redundant elimination. Neither my blog title has enough keywords for Ads to be relevant"

I decided to do a R& D on this to see if this is really true. And the result is, it is not. Google Adsense is very good in understanding the content of your post and display ads that are relevant to your content. No big SEO techniques are required for this. A simple rule of thumb - quality content and focussed area of writing - this is the key to drive the ads that is relevant to your page.

To better explain this, I constructed some webpages in my blog site to see how Ads are displayed by the Adsense program.

1) The riddle test page for Ads

In order to see if I'm getting relevant ads that match my content, I wrote a riddle in my blog page sometime back. My natural expectation was that I would get some nice interesting Ads from Adsense to display Ads pertaining to puzzles or riddles. But, at least in my geography, I ended up getting Ads related to Juicy Mangoes and Tasty Butters!!. The Ads displayed were simply not targetted.

2) The second test, objective type questions

I did not give up. My close friend helped with a blog post, pertaining to objective type questions on physics. The expectation here was to get some Ads related to Physics tutorials or training, but Adsense went inside the post content to read the keywords on the questions and ended up with Ads related to TV transmitted and receivers..

If you look at these two case examples, they would clearly indicate one thing:-

The content is not focussed to the core topic and has few less introduction / title information, and hence the result was irrelevant Ads. I'm not sure if implementing section targetting could give a radical difference to these posts, especially with Blogger where there is not much freedom.

As a different test, I wrote a new puzzle in my blog today.  This had a puzzle with but the content was focussed to the topic and ended up getting relevant Ads for this.

To summarize, tools like section targeting or other SEO techniques can supplement your writing. They are supplements and the backbone is indeed, your content and your writing. The more focussed the writing is , the well targeted the Ads would be. You will end up getting relevant Ads in your page and can soon find your CTR going up one day.

Give a try and post your opinion.

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