+2 Physics - Random One Mark Collection - Set 4

In our random collection of one mark questions covering Physics syllabus, questions from 21 to 30 are provided below.

21) The Boolean expression to represent NAND operation is

a) Y=A+B
b) Y= A.B
c) Y = bar(A)
d) Y=bar (AB)

22) The equivalent capacitance of two capacitors is 1.5 microFaraday. The capacitance of one of them is 4 microFaraday. The value of capacitance of the other is (in micro Faraday)

a) 2.4
b) 0.417
c) 0.24
d) 4.17

23) Of the following devices which has small resistance?

a) Ammeter of range 0 - 10 A
b) Moving coil Galvanometer
c) Voltmeter
d) Ammeter of range 0 - 1 A

24) The time taken by the radioactive element to reduce to 1/e times is

a) half-life
b) mean life
c) twice the mean life
d) half-life/2

25) Which of the following quantities is a scalar ?

a) Electric Field
b) Electric force
c) Dipole Movement
d) Electric Potential

26) If the flux associated with a coil varies at the rate of 1 Wb/minute then the induced emf is

a) 1 V
b) 1/60 V
c) 60 V
d) 0.60 V

27) The phenomenon of light used in the formation of Newtons rings is

a) interference
b) diffraction
c) refraction
d) polarisation

28) In Raman effect, the spectral line with lower frequency than the incident frequency is

a) Rayleigh line
b) Fraunhofer line
c) Stoke's line
d) antiStoke's line

29) The unit of reduction factor of tangent galvanometer is

a) no unit
b) tesla
c) ampere
d) ampere/degree

30) The value of stopping potential when the frequency of light is equal to the threshold frequency is

a) zero
b) maximum
c) minimum
d) infinity

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