+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Seventh Set - Part 1

More practice questions for higher secondary chemistry. Seventh set of questions from 1-7 are provided below.

1. The unsaturated groups present in an organic compound are called
(a) Chromogens       (b) Auxochromes     (c) Chromophores  (d) None          
2. The compound which acts as both as antipyretic as well as analgesic is
(a) Phenacetin        (b) Sulpha drugs           (c) Aspirin         (d) Paracetamol
3. The building blocks of proteins are
(a) α – Hydroxy acids                           (b)α – Amino acids  
(c)β – Hydroxy acids                             (d) β - Amino acids
4. The amino acid without chiral carbon is
(a) Glycine                (b) Alanine               (c) Proline             (d) Thyrosine
5. Oxidation of Aniline with acidified K2Cr2O7 gives
(a) Benzoic acid     (b) C6H5CHO  (c) P- benzoquinone     (d) C6H5CH2OH       
6. Nitromethane condenses with acetaldehyde to give
(a) CH3CH2CH2NO2                                               (b) 1 nitro 2-propanol      
(c) 2 nitro 1-propanol                                         (d) 3- nitro propanol    
 7. Which among the following does not undergo intermolecular dehydration on heating with P2O3?
(a) CH3COOH      (b) CH3CH2COOH     (c) CH3CH2CH2COOH            (d) HCOOH

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