+2 - Chemistry - Important one mark questions -Third Set - Part 4

Questions from 22-28, Part 4, Chemistry syllabus are provided below.

22. The best solvent for Grignard reagent is
(a) Alcohol             (b) Water               (c) Ether                (d) CS2
23.  C2H5OC2H5   can be decomposed with
(a) HI                     (b) KMnO4              (c) NaOH                (d) H2O
24. The oxidation state of carbon in aldehyde is
(a) +2                    (b) 0                      (c) -2                     (d) 4
25. With LiAlH4 benzoic acid is reduced to
(a) Benzaldehyde           (b) Benzene         (c) Benzyl alcohol          (d) Toluene
26. All lower amine have a distinctive --------- odour
(a) Fish                  (b) Garlic               (c) Pungent            (d) Rotten egg
27. When C6H5N2Cl is treated with --------- benzene is obtained
(a) Sn/HCl              (b) H3PO2               (c) SnCl2                 (d) CH3OH
28. The IUPAC name of CH3CN is
(a) Methyl cyanide       (b) acetamide      (c) cyano ethane    (d) ethane nitrile

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