+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Sixth Set - Part 4

Questions from 22-28 in set 6 are provided below.

22. Crossed cannizaro reaction occurs between
(a) Benzaldehyde and Acetaldehyde            (b) Acetaldehyde and acetaldehyde
(c) Benzaldehyde and formaldehyde           (d) Acetaldehyde and formaldehyde
23. Acetophenone on nitration gives
(a) o- nitro acetophenone                            (b) p- nitro acetophenone
(c) m- nitro acetophenone                            (d) None     
24. Which is used as a growth stimulant for the growth of yeast?
(a) Acetic acid       (b) Formic acid      (c) Benzoic acid     (d) Oxalic acid
25. On heating, ammonium acetate gives
(a) Acetamide        (b) methyl cyanide          (c) Urea                (d) Formamide
26. Which cannot be prepared by Gatterman's reaction?
(a) C6H5Br              (b) C6H5Cl                  (c) C6H5I               (d) all of these
27. ---------- is non reducing sugar
(a) Glucose            (b) Fructose                     (c) Sucrose            (d) Maltose
28. Ultimate product of hydrolysis of protein is
(a) Amino acid       (b) Aniline          (c) Aliphatic acid         (d) Aromatic acid

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