+2 - Chemistry - Important one mark questions -Third Set - Part 3

Third set of questions from 15-21 are provided below. Refer to the related link section for part 1 and part 2.           
15. In Haber process the value of ∆ng is.
(a) -2                     (b) -1                     (c) -3                     (d) +2
16. The unit of rate of the reaction and rate constant are identical for a -------- order reaction
(a) Zero                 (b) First                 (c) Second             (d) Fractional
17. Alum purifies muddy water by
(a) Dialysis             (b) Absorption       (c) Coagulation      (d) True solution
18. The best adsorbent for the gases is
(a) Benzene           (b) Water               (c) Ether                (d) Gel
19. Fe2O3  is used as a catalyst for ------ process
(a) Ostwald            (b) Deacon             (c) Haber               (d) Bergius
20. Ostwald dilution law can be used to determine
(a) Ka                     (b) Kw                    (c) pH                    (d) POH
21. --------- is used in copying inks and stamp pad inks
(a) Glycol               (b) C6H5CH2OH        (c) C6H5OH             (d) Glycerol

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