+2 chemistry - Important one mark questions - Fourth Set - Part 3

                 Tamil Nadu +2 chemistry - Important one mark questions
15. In physical adsoption, desorption occurs when
(a) Temperature decreases                             (b) Temperature increases        
(c) Pressure increases                                     (d) Concentration increases
16. For the reaction,  
(a) Kp>Kc                  (b) Kp<Kc                (c) Kp=Kc                          (d) Kp=0
17. Cottrell's precipitator is used in
(a) Emulsifying the colloids                                  (b) Purifying drinking water
(c) Removal of smoke particles                             (d) Artificial rain
18. Catalyst used in Deacon's process is
(a) Fe2O3                (b) CuCl2                          (c) Ni                     (d) MnSO4
19. A solution resistant to change in pH with the addition of small amount of acid or base is called
(a) Buffer solution                                                  (b) Ideal solution      
(c) Colligative solution                                           (d) Concentrated solution
 20. ---------- amino acid is optically inactive
(a) Glycine             (b) Alanine             (c) Phenyl alanine            (d) Isoleucine
 21. Proteins are------ in nature
(a) True solutions            (b) Suspensions      (c) Colloidal           (d) Solids

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