+2 - Chemistry - Important one mark questions -Third Set - Part 1

Third set of objective type questions for Chemistry syllabus is provided below.

1. Among the following ------------ is a paramagnetic
(a)    O2                      (b)     CN                        (c) CO                  (d)     NO+
2. According to planks quantum theory--------------
(a) E=mc2               (b) E=hν                 (c) λ=                     (d) K.E=mc2/2
3. The least magnetic stable element in the periodic table is
(a) Lithium            (b) Cesium             (c) Iodine               (d) Flourine
4. Pcl3 on hydrolysis gives
(a) HPO3                (b) H3PO4               (c) H3PO2                (d) H3PO3
5. Excess of NaOH reacts with Zn to form
(a) ZnH2                 (b) Na2ZnO2            (c) ZnO                  (d) Zn(OH)2
6. The number of unpaired electrons in Fe3+ ion is
(a) 2                      (b) 3                      (c) 4                      (d) 5
7. The strongest base among the following is
  (a) Sc(OH)3           (b) La(OH)3            (c) Lu(OH)3             (d) yb(OH)3


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