Tamil nadu +2 chemistry– important one mark question

                                               Atomic structure- Set 2
8.         The circumference of the circular orbit of an electron is an integral multiple of its
(a)        Frequency         (b)        momentum
(c)    Mass                      (d)        wavelength
9.         Inter molecular hydrogen bonding is present in
(a)        HF                    (b)        water    (c)        ethanol          (d) all of these
10.       Energy levels of molecular orbitals have been determined experimentally by
(a) Spectroscopic studies             (b)X-ray diffraction
(c) Crystallographic studies          (d)none of these
11.       In a molecule  Nb=8 and Na=4. Its bond order is
(a)        3                      (b)        4          (c)        2.5                   (d)        2
12.       The hybridization involved in XeF6  
(a)  sp3d3                       (b)sp3d2             (c)sp3d  (d)sp3
13.       The nature of hybridization in IF7 molecule is
(a)        sp3d2     (b)        sp3d4     (c)        sp3d3     (d)        sp2d4
14.       The bond order of N2 molecule is
(a)        3          (b)        1          (c)        2          (d)        2.5

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