New Related Post Widget for Blogger

The fastest and stable relatedpost widget developed in Thinktibits using Native Google APIs underwent a slight change in the GUI to make it more pleasant and attractive in appearance. Thanks to Google Visualization API, the related post widget appearance is tweaked to provide more clarity on the information that is presented. Annotated in the screen shot below are the new changes:

New Related Post Widget - High Quality Appearance
 So, what is new?

1) Static HTML tables replaced with Google Visualization API and a high quality dynamic table is been used to hold related post widget data.

2) Previous and Next button with paging control flexibility added to the related post widget table.

3) Ability to show more related posts due to paging, and site not restricted to just x related post information.


The performance of the widget is still very fast. You can see it live in this blog post itself.

Have a look at the related post widget display below and send us your comments. I will be very happy to share the code and you can put this up on your blogspot as well. Send us what you think of the new setup..

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