HSC Chemistry - One Mark Questions

This time it is Chemistry question challenge..Ten questions to test your preparation in Chemistry. .Make a note of the answers, post your answers in the comments section to know your score..

Question Set 1

1) De-Broglie equation is:

a) $ \lambda =\frac{mv}{h} $
b) $ \lambda =hmv $
c) $ \lambda =\frac{hv}{m} $
d) $ \lambda =\frac{h}{mv} $

2) The bond order of Nitrogen molecule is:

a) 2.5
b) 3
c) 2
d) 4

3) Noble gases have ………. electron affinity:

a) High
b) Low
c) Zero
d) Very Low

4) The shape of $ XeF_{4} $ is:

a) Tetrahedral
b) Octahedral
c) Square Planner
d) Pyramidal

5) Copper is extracted from

a) cuprite
b) copperglance
c) Malachite
d) Copperpyrites

6) Silver salt used in photography is:

a) AgCl
b) $ AgNO_{3} $
c) AgF
d) AgBr

7) The value of magnetic moment of $ Ti^{3+} $ ion is:

a) 0
b) 1.73
c) 2.83
d) 3.87

8) The lanthanide contraction is due to:

a) Perfect shielding of 4f electrons
b) Imperfect shielding of 4f electrons
c) Perfect shielding of 3d electrons
d) Imperfect shielding of 3d electrons

9) The acitide which cannot make the common oxidation state +4 is:

a) Ac
b) Th
c) Pa
d) U

10) The geometry of $ [Fe(CN)6]^{4-} $ is:

a) tetrahedral
b) Square planar
c) triangular
d) Octrahedral

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