HSC +2 Chemistry - One Mark Questions

Last set of 10 questions for today in Chemistry..Share your answers by posting them in comments section.

1) $ CH_{3}-CH_{2}-O-CH_{2}-CH_{3} $ and $ CH_{3}-CH_{2}-O-C_{6}H_{5} $ are examples for:

a) diethyl ether and methyl propyl ether
b) anisole and diethyl ether
c) diethyl ether and Phenatole
d) Phenatole and anisole

2) Higher ethers can be prepared from lower members with the help of:

a) $ Conc. H_{2}SO_{4} $
b) Sodium alkoxide
c) dry silver oxide
d) Grignard reagent

3) When glycol react with $ PI_{3} $, the find product formed is ……….

a) ethylene
b) ethylene dichloride
c) ethylene di iodide
d) ethylene cholorhydrin

4) Which of the following does not give cannizzaro reaction?

a) $ HCHO $
b) $ CH_{3}CHO $
c) $ CCl_{3}CHO $
d) $ C_{6}H_{5}CHO $

5) Name of the product obtained when phenol is distilled with Zn dust ……..

a) Toluene
b) Benzene
c) Cresol
d) Benzoic acid

6) 2-Butanol is a …….

a) primary
b) secondary
c) tertiary
d) aromatic

7) The compound when reduces Fehling’s solution and also takes part in Cannizzaro reaction is:

a) Acetaldehyde
b) Benzaldehyde
c) Formaldehyde
d) Formic acid

8) Aldol is:

a) 2-hydroxy butanal
b) 3-hydroxy butanal
c) 4-hýdroxy butanal
d) 3-hydroxy butanol

9) Benzaldehyde when condensed with KCN forms

a) Sciff’s base
b) cyanohydrin of benzaldehyde
c) benzoin
d) potassium benzoate

10) De-Broglie equation is:

a) $ \lambda =\frac{mv}{h} $
b) $ \lambda =hmv $
c) $ \lambda =\frac{hv}{m} $
d) $ \lambda =\frac{h}{mv} $

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