Chemistry HSC - One Mark Questions

A new set of 10 one mark questions in Chemistry this time..Give it a try and post your answers..

Question Set 3

1) The reaction of Lucas reagent is fast with

a) ethanol
b) methanol
c) 2-propanol
d) 2-methyl 2-propene

2) When ethyl iodide is treated with dry silver oxide it forms

a) ethyl alcohol
b) diethyl ether
c) silver ethoxide
d) ethyl methyl ether

3) Acetophenone and benzhenone can be distinguished by

a) Lucas test
b) feric chloride solution
c) Iodoform test
d) Carbylamine test

4) The acid that reduces Toller’s reagent is:

a) methanoic acid
b) oxalic acid
c) salicyclic acid
d) obic acid

5) 1-methoxy propane and 2-methoxy propane are:

a) position isomers
b) functional isomers
c) chain isomers
d) metamers

6) Nitration of nitrobenzene results in:

a) O-dinitrobenzene
b) 1,3,5-tri nitro benzene
c) P-dinitrobenzene
d) m-dinitrobenzene

7) When aquous solution of benzene diazonium chloride is boiled the product is

a) benzyl alcohol
b) benzene and nitrogen
c) phenol
d) phenylhydroxylamine

8) The isomerism exhibited by $ CH_{3}-CH_{2}-N_{O}=0 $ and $ CH_{3}-CH_{2}-O N=0 $ is

a) position
b) chain
c) functional
d) tawtomerism

9) Important constituent of cell wall is :

a) Lipid
b) Cellulose
c) Protein
d) Vitamin

10) The number of asymmetric carbon atoms in laevulose is:

a) 2
b) 3
c) 6
d) 4

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