Common PeopleSoft Integration Broker Issues–Part 1

Integration Broker:  Cannot find message Message Monitor

Possible causes:

1. User does not have security for the message channel.
2. The message monitor criteria have filtered out the message.

Integration Broker:  Messages processed in incorrect order

Possible cause:

1. The Channel has been partitioned, and the resulting subchannels do not match what was assumed for the ordering of the messages.

Integration Broker: Message Instance not created

Possible cause:
1. Message is inactive.

Integration Broker: Message Instance stays in NEW status.

Possible cause:
1. The pub/sub servers are not booted.
2. The Message Dispatcher has crashed or has been brought down.
3. The Item is not at the top of the queue.  All messages with the same Channel/ Subchannel are in the same queue
4. Run appmsgpurgeall.dms
5. Restart PUBSUB processes
6. Force cleanup from the monitor message -> domain status
7. Test your message by routing it through another channel to make sure that it is not an issue with the channel.

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