PeopleSoft and SOAP - Creating a Message and Configuration

The objective on hand is to process a SOAP XML request into PSFT and return a suitable response. We are at step 1 of this objective where we are trying to create a basic message in PSFT and keep it ready before we can write some code in it to process a SOAP XML.

The solution will be driven on a PT8.46 platform. Open up the Application designer tool and do the following.

1) Choose File -> New -> Message. Following screen pops up

2) Before saving this message, we need to create a message channel. Choose, File -> New -> Message Channel. Save the Channel as "SOAPTESTCHNL".

3) For the message created in Step 1, choose, File->Definition Properties. Click on the "Use" Tab. Under Message Channel drop down, select the channel that we have created in step 2. It is shown in the figure below

4) Select OK and save the message as "SOAPTSTMSG". A screenshot of the message is given below.

This creates a skeleton of the message and the next step would be to configure this message in the Integration Broker. This is explained below.

1) Navigate to PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Integration Setup -> Node Definitions

2) Select "Add a New Node"-> Let us name this node as SOAPTEST.

3) Under "Connectors" Tab -> Use the delivered HTTPTARGET connector of PSFT. A screenshot is given below

4) Configure the PRIMARY URL property correctly.

5) Under transactions, add a transaction for the SOAP test message that we have created earlier.

6) Save the new Node that was created.

That completes the step of creating a skeleton message, assigning a channel to it and creating and configuring a node definition. Now, we are ready to write some code to absorb the SOAP request and do the processing in PSFT.

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