Tamil nadu +2 chemistry – important one mark question

                                                          Atomic structure -  Set 3
15.       The hybridization in co32- ion is
(a)        sp2                    (b)        sp3                    (c)        sp         (d)        sp3d

16. Which of the following molecular orbital has the lowest energy
(a)        σ2pz                   (b)        π*2py    (c)        σ*2pz     (d)        σ*2s

17. Which one  of the following is paramagnetic in nature?
(a) H2                (b)He2               (c)NO                (d)N2

18. The energy value of an electron in hydrogen atom is -82 KJmol-1. The value of "n" is
(a)        2          (b)        3          (c)        4          (d)        5

19. The momentum of a particle which has de-Broglie wavelength of 10-10 m (h=6.626×10-34 kg m2 s-1) is
(a)        6.6×10-23 kg ms-1                        (b)        6.6×10-24 kg ms-1
(c)     6.6×10-34 kg ms-1               (d)        6.6×1034 kg ms-1

20. Which of the following  indicates that a molecule is stable
(a) Nb=Na=0        (b) Nb=Na    (c)  Nb>Na     (d)   Nb<Na

21. The  uncertainity in the momentum of an electron is 1.0×10-5 kg ms-1. The uncertainity in its position will be (h= 6.626×1034 Js)
(a) 1.05×10-28 m (b) 1.05×10-26 m (c) 5.27×10-30 m (d) 5.25×10-28 m

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