Tips to Succeed in Interviews

Some important tips to succeed in your technical interviews. This will really help you if you follow it completely. Remember, I have done interviews with over 5000 candidates and I know the common mistakes committed by most of them..So, here we go

1) Stay bold and confident throughout the interview. Never put yourself in doubt.

2) Be presentable. Wear a neat and tidy dress.

3) Never be over smart and don't undermine the interviewer.

4) Make sure that your body language and verbal expressions match. Don't act or imitate.

5) Switch off your mobile phones during the interview.

6) Explain the answers with examples.

7) Stick to the point. Don't deviate from the question. No flamboyant or flashy words. Keep it simple.

8) Never bother about the outcome of the interview during the interview.

9) Don't add content in the CV that is not relevant to you.

10) Never show any hurry in answering your questions.

11) Don't get into an argument even when you are cornered.

12) Don't put the pen or pencil to your mouth.. I've seen a lot of candidates doing like this.

13) Greet the interview panel when you enter and exit.

14) Don't flatter the interview panel.

15) If you don't know the answer to the question raised, be bold enough to accept it. Remember, it is your confidence, which is being tested most of the time.

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