A new image type - UIF

Some of you might have heard about this already..But it is new to me. Last weekend, I saw one of my friend struggling with a file that he downloaded from the internet. He reckoned it to be an DVD image file, but it had an interesting extension "UIF". He tried renaming the file extension to ISO, BIN / CUE and tried opening with UltraISO; nothing seem to work. UltraISO was just not able to recognize this format.

Puzzled with all of those, he even tried to rename it with an extension of ZIP, RAR..same result. I could see the eagerness in his face to open the image file on which he was really very fond of. Finally, we found out what this format is all about and why is it so nice..

UIF stands for Universal Image Format. It is a compressed image format and it can be opened with a software called MagicISO. This format supports compression of image files, and is very reliable. The main advantage of going to this format is that the size of the image file is reduced tremendously here. That is not the case with ISO or other image formats. A normal 4 GB DVD image can become as less as 3. 4 GB when it is converted as a UIF image.

UIF provides the feature of password protection for denying the access from any unauthorized user .Unlike ZIP,RAR and other compression archive, you don't have to extract files and folders from UIF before you need to use this files or folders. MagicISO will do all the work automatically for you.

The official site of MagicISO is http://www.magiciso.com/. You can download your copy from there and try the format.

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